Thursday, 18 April 2013


This picture of Alfano (Pdl) and Bersani (PD) speaks volume.
Right and Left, hand in hand, sharing the spoils of a deal in the Presidential elections in Italy.
But whatever the outcome, the losers are PD (Democratic Party). They have demonstrated a lack of much sought-after transparency by keeping their candidate secret, they have been playing a game of musical chairs with Berlusconi's Pdl, Bersani has shown to be a very weak and ineffective leader and the party is split even before a government is formed.
By the way, that has been almost forgotten. No government as yet, not even remotely in the distance.
Grillo's M5S has shown at least a clarity of choice and will gather more votes in an early election.
Berlusconi has still managed to be in charge of ceremonies in the Italian Parliament.

More in-depth analysis here by +Cr Lloyd :