Saturday, 22 September 2012


What made it difficult at first for Cav to say yes to Sky last year was the fact that he wouldn't be riding Specialized (he likes them and they sponsored him). Then he suddenly agreed to join them.
The agreement reached in my opinion was for Specialized to let Cav go to Sky for one year so that he could prepare for the Olympics with his TeamGB teammates, then join OmegaPharmaQuickStep (Specialized bikes), then provide bikes to Sky as payback for letting him go play with Pinarello bikes in 2014. I think it was all sorted out last year.
I don't think Sky would have been happy to lose millions of pounds in compensation just to be nice.
Cav he's going to take wins from them next year (therefore more money loss for Sky), could still be wearing a rainbow jersey, and is British hero to many.
I don't see how Cav's situation could be any better at OPQS than at Sky. Won't have a big train dedicated to him as that's not how that team is set up, most riders in that team work on their own or with one or two other riders.
So, other than going back to his main sponsor I don't see the logic in the change.

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