Thursday, 29 November 2012


On May 31 2013, I will be riding London to Paris with Channel 4 News presenters Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Jon Snow and a host of friends and colleagues.
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The start will be at the Channel 4 HQ in London and we'll be heading to Newhaven, then by ferry to Dieppe, then another leg to Paris.
The reason for this ride is to raise money and awareness for the Duchenne Children's Trust:

This type of muscular dystrophy affects children and is 100% fatal. With enough research, within 10 years it could be eradicated. Research costs money.

A former colleague, Emily, founded this Trust with her husband Nick, when their son was diagnosed with Duchenne. These are her words:
“When Eli was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy we were totally stunned – and devastated beyond words. The doctors gave us no hope. But we threw ourselves into the science of the disease, and discovered that in fact, many in the field of Duchenne believe that we are within reach of a substantial treatment and possible cure for this disease. In the months following his diagnosis we met the world’s leading scientists, academics and researchers in this field. And they are united in their belief that treatments and a cure are within arms reach. And then we realised that we couldn’t just be passive in this situation, just standing by waiting for the good news to trickle in. We want to be doing everything we can to support the research that is going on – and speed up the time it takes for what’s going on in the labs to translate into medicines for our children.Our mission quite simply is to raise money to give to the best global research effort – to fund a treatment or cure in time to save Eli’s life and the hundreds of thousands of other boys like him.”
While the challenge itself is not gruelling for seasoned cyclists, some of the riders coming along don't have a lot of experience in these sort of distances. In any case the challenge is in making people aware of this disease and being able to raise as much money as possible.
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