Saturday, 13 September 2014


Cycling was supposed to enter a new era. Cavendish was shouting that years ago, then most people started agreeing with that thought. Why not. Armstrong's era had been dealt with and a new philosophy of marginal gains and new training finesse was introduced.
Then a few have been caught doping, thanks to better testing; more riders, big and small fish, have swam right into the net of shame.
But it's interesting that the latest dopers have tested positive for EPO and still lacked in results, in fact nobody really heard of them this year until the headlines of their capitulation hit social networks.
So, I have many questions arising from this diatribe:

1. If they dope and can't succeed, are they really that bad that even EPO doesn't help them? Rabottini is no slouch though, he won the mountain jersey at the 2012 Giro;

2. Are they misled in the dosage, suggesting they really are DIY dopers or using cowboy suppliers/doctors?

3. Is there a widespread doping regime of higher quality of undetectable substances in the rest of the peloton?

The latter question, if positive (excuse the pun), would suggest an enormous amount of people in the know in the sport. It has happened before but they had help from corrupt UCI and weaker testing. I'm hoping that it would be impossible to have such a level of organised cheating and omertà.
However, when I see estimated data of 6.5w/kg from the top GC riders at Grand Tours, I can only shudder at the thought that cycling is being raped once again.

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