Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Dear Mr Jenkins,
I am glad you've finally turned around to the idea that cyclists are not pests but human beings like everybody else.
I applaud that during this last year you've taken up to cycling and it has contributed to your change of mind.
What saddens me is when people of your culture have to act out a part before understanding it.
It is akin to say it's ok to be racists if you don't know anyone of different ethnicity or you're not one yourself; it's ok to ignore pay inequality unless you dress and behave like a woman for a year;
it's ok to inflict on the poor if one mingles exclusively with the rich.
Perhaps respect and understanding should be exercised by reason and intellect.
I'm a cyclist but I'm no hero, it's just what I do and should be allowed to do without the aggression and rage thrown at me on a daily basis in the streets of London.
I shouldn't have to wait for every Londoner to get on a bike for a year before they understand what it's like and why they shouldn't kill me.
Please keep on cycling, Mr Jenkins, but it's not an exclusive club you've entered, you said it yourself:
"this morning's cyclist is this afternoon's pedestrian and this evening's motorist..."
you could/should have worked that one out sooner.

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