Thursday, 17 November 2011


So the Monti's government goes live.
The Full Monti.
The gargantuan task ahead calls for behavioural austerity as much as an economic one.
So far (day one) it seems the collective of ministers is sedate and boring enough to let Italy produce a massive sigh of relief.

The Vatican has commented favourably on the "team", that worries me, especially for the Health Secretary, Renato Balduzzi. He has a strong catholic background, which can interfere when Health reforms and modernisation require to deal with abortion, fertilisation and research, choice and rights.

It must have been a 17-year-long nightmare. Surely Berlusconi, Bossi, Calderoli, Brunetta, Frattini, Alfano,  Gelmini, La Russa etc didn't really really govern a country. The only way to cope with the pain and the shame is total denial and keep moving forward.

A technical government is not liked by many. I think it's perfection. New democracy should be based on technical governments, where each minister is interviewd and elected by a poilitical parliament, where experts know what they're dealing with and laws are put to parliament's vote.

Reduction of cost of politics is the main focus, halving the number of politicians and offices, cleaning up fraud and corruption, more taxes but more levies on financial institutions backed by less bureaucracy.

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