Friday, 18 November 2011


There seems to be a type of person who'll always make it in high positions, be it in politics, business, religion, who have the tendency of not knowing much, being prone to gaffes and being generally clueless and obnoxious.

To name a few: Silvio Berlusconi; George W Bush; David Cameron; Pat McQuaid; Max Mosley; Nicolas Sarkozy; Sepp Blatter; Vladimir Putin; Sarah Palin

They get elected and climb up the ladder of power, and more to the point they stay there for years. They behave like buffoons, constantly make gaffes and continuously display a lack of general knowledge.

And they're still coming, look at the American election campaign, where the Republican candidates where having a debate and one of them (allegedly the top candidate) was unable to answer the most basic questions. Has he withdrawn? No. Why? Because people don't take notice of gaffes as a negative but find it amusing as they circle the various social networks and media circus.

Image, they say, is everything. I disagree. If that was the case most of the above mentioned would never have made it. Charisma? As if! Corruption, Fraud, Violence? Well some of that for some of them. No, I think it's more a case of exposure. Exposure is everything. Look at Big Brother contestants and semi celebrities who end up in every day culture. Open any magazine, any internet site and there they are. The seemingly thicker the more famous they'll become and the longer they'll stay in power. Why? Because we don't feel threatened by them, we recognise some of our faults and weaknesses.

Should we worry? Yes, because we condemn harsh economic times, lack of respect and we want the best for our children, yet we vote them in, we buy their records, watch their films, follow them on twitter. We feed them but we complain.

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